Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a space where people can network, learn and get creative using all types of technology with access to tools, people and resources.

Thank You to everyone who helped print masks we didn’t reach our entire goal but we did manage to help health care workers with a couple hundred reusable masks. Learn more below.



Feel free to support the effort by printing these masks and donating them to
your local Health Care Center yourself.
Learn more about the science behind these masks

3D (STL) Print Files:

1. Mask Filter with Flange
2. Montana Mask Body

Download the Mask Instructions

What is a Hackerspace?

Hackerspaces are places where geeks, experts, specialists and artists meet up to talk, create, design and hack technology.

The focus of The Southwest Florida Hackerspace is to build a sanctuary for those interested in learning, building or hacking technology. We also help as an incubator for local entrepreneurs having access to tools and resources to launch their idea in their community.

If you can contribute to the organization or want to learn more about technology please contact us or join our Facebook group below.


Become a donor in The Southwest Florida Hackerspace and be a part of a founding group of technology enthusiasts, working together to bring technology to their local community. From newbies to hardened professionals our group is at your fingertips.

We have two membership types:

Donors – $5 per month

You want to support our efforts but cannot make all the meetings or events all the time.
No Worries! We appreciate you and created this membership JUST FOR YOU!

Digital Spacers have discounted rates to most local workshops and events.

We will always support our donors anyway we can.

Members – $20 per month

You are an extension of the hackerspace through your monthly donation of 20 dollars per month to help bring our Hackerspace to fruition.

We also send out promotional material from time to time and support our members however we can.

Members are the voting arm of the Hackery. All Members can vote on any items up for vote at the Hackerspace and can run for positions on the Board.

We are raising funds.

We are looking for investors to help fill our space with more equipment.
If you are interested in becoming part of the Southwest Florida Hackerspace movement
please contact us


Join us we meet up Bi-Weekly!

View our Events Calendar

Visit Our Meetup Page

Upcoming Events

We are collaborating on new events. If you would like to teach a workshop, please contact us.

Workshops & Files

The Southwest Florida Hackerspace creates many things and we want to share with the world around us what we make. Below are a list of assets and other projects we have created as a group.

Paper Rocket Launcher:
Download Zip

Arduino Workshop:
Download Zip

Raspberry Pi Workshop:
Raspberry Pi Installation Word Doc
Raspberry Pi Commands Word Doc
Programming Python on the Raspberry Pi Word Doc
Raspberry Pi Resources

Who We Are

Established in 2014 and headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, The Southwest Florida Hackerspace offers a broad range of services to add value and assist our members and local companies. Our primary business services are: Prototyping, Technology Education, Consumer Products and Support Services.

The focus of The Southwest Florida Hackerspace is to create a sanctuary for those interested in learning, building or hacking technology. We also help as an incubator for the entrepreneurs where they have access to tools and resources to launch their idea in our local community.

Our vision is to create an economic sanctuary for the creative classes and start building a new, innovative industrialism that can link with existing industries, bridging school education with the economic system with post-secondary education.

The main feature of our space is it’s decentralization: there’s no “boss” telling people what to do, people become members, learn from each other, and participate in the community creating new value in the process.

Links / Resources